Cole Swindell Unveils New Song, "Love You Too Late"

It will be featured on the country singer's 'All Of It' album!

July 13, 2018

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Cole Swindell has unveiled a new track titled "Love You Too Late." 

The country singer's latest release will be featured on his upcoming album, All Of It, which drops August 17. It follows Swindell's previously released tracks including "Break Up In The End," "Somebody's Been Drinkin'," and "The Ones Who Got Me Here."

The Georgia native shared the news a few weeks back while thanking his fans for allowing him to make a very important third album. "Love You Too Late" was co-written by Swindell along with Michael Carter and Brandon Kinney.

"while I'm dying here tonight / staring goodbye in the face / saying I love you too late"

Listen to Cole Swindell's "Love You Too Late" below.