Happy Headline: Woman Goes Grocery Shopping for Elderly Neighbors

March 16, 2020
grocery shopping

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Like many of us right now, Becky Hoeffler, who works at Duke University, is working from home, but during her lunch break she's doing a good deed. Becky lives in a neighborhood that has a lot of senior citizens. Since they are most at risk at catching the coronavirus, Becky wants to help protect her neighbors by doing their shopping for them.

Becky got the idea after talking to her 91-year-old grandfather in New Jersey. He was headed to the store to get some groceries, but she was worried he might get exposed to the virus. If she was back home with him in New Jersey, she'd gladly go for him. Then she got to thinking about her elderly neighbors, and how they're at risk, too. So, Becky decided that on her lunch breaks she'd make those grocery store runs for her neighbors. Check out the full story below.