Stuck at Home? Going Carona Crazy?

Leave it to the Entertainment Professionals

March 13, 2020



You can fire up your imagination without spending a dime, leaving the house, and helping you get off the couch. Just like you, we've been "quartantined." If you're trying to stay off the radar this weekend and told to stay indoors during the "Covid-crisis", we have some ideas to help you pass the time. You may also need something "light" in spite of today's reality. 

Discover New Music and Podcasts - Country fan? Listen to us. Catch up on podcasts, newest music, and news with app. Did you know the Coronavirus isn't the only reason people aren't going to work? There's some rain in San Diego too. Catch up on your local music and fun facts with us.

Learn a new skill - Ever wanted to learn a new language? Do your own nails? Play an instrument? Luckily, there are plenty of "How To" videos online.  

Bake something insane, perhaps over-the-top! 

Clean out your closet.. Tis' the season.

Make a master list of everything you need to do. Yes, everything. Then start..

Reply to all of your emails.. What a concept.

Add a whole lot of movies to your Netflix queue, and work your way through them.

Read your favorite blogs from the beginning to the end! 

Frame up some of your photographs & hang them in your house.  

Paint a wall!  

Put your camera in your handbag, so you don’t forget to take pictures when you finally get to leave the house.

Torture your pets by making them wear costumes.

Read the entire newspaper. 

Do some online shopping.

Learn the words to your favorirte rap song to impress strangers with.

Practice your best #bloggerface on Instagram. 

Redesign your entire life with the help of Pinterest. 

Camp indoors! 

Read a good book. 

Start a new TV show.

Practice Yoga in your living room.

Meditate and breathe.

Write something new. 

Play Video Games!

Card Games and board games can be fun.

Spring, is the time.

Catch Up With Friends!

Themed Movie Nights are a must.

Film a Cooking Show.

Karaoke Night, maybe even a charade night.

Literally make lemons into lemonade.