SD Extends Stay-At-Home Order Indefinitely

April 30, 2020
stay home

San Diego's Stay-At-Home Order was set to expire on April 30th, but it has been extended indefinitely. Although San Diego has done a good job at slowing the spread of the coronavirus, there are still some criteria that needs to be met before the city can lift the order.

Dr. Wilma Wooten, a San Diego County Public Health Officer, says San Diego County needs to meet five metrics to qualify for the reopening phase. So far, we've only met three. The five metrics are:

  • A downward trend of influenza-like illness within a 14-day period
  • A downward trend of COVID-like cases within a 14-day period
  • A downward trend of cases within a 14-day period or downward trend of positive tests within a 14-day period (flat or increasing volume of tests)
  • The ability to treat all patients without crisis care
  • Robust testing program in place for at-risk healthcare workers, including antibody testing

The county is still waiting to see a downward trend of COVID-like cases within a 14-day period, and is still working on a robust testing rogram for at-risk healthcare workers. The good news is they're both moving towards that direction.

San Diego leaders said they'll be looking to the state for guidance on reopening.

Until the Stay-At-Home order has been lifted, please continue to maintain all of the social distancing guidelines, abide by the order, and wear your face mask, which is mandatory starting May 1.