How to Watch the Orionid meteor shower

October 21, 2019

Getty Images


Tonight the Orionid meteor shower will be most readily seen in the night sky.  What is the Orionid Meteor Shower?  If you've heard of Halley's comet, well when Halley's travels through our inner solar system it drags along space dust and debris and can even knock other meteors and debris out of it's path.  The trail of those things being displaced in the wake of Halley's comet is what we can see in the night sky.  The folks over at have a great interactive model that shows you what the trail of debris looks like and from different angles and perspectives.  

Best tips for witnessing the meteor shower tonight?  

  • Get out of the City - City lights greatly diffuse night sky visibility.
  • Lie flat out on your back on a sleeping bag or blanket and point your feet to the Southeast
  • You can't avoid the moon's light, but try for the darkest part of the evening
  • Give yourself 30 minutes of looking at the sky before you try and look for the "showers".  It will allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness and pick out details better.