Garth Brooks Asks Bobby Bare To Rejoin Opry Family

Congratulations Bobby Bare! Welcome back to Opry family.

April 9, 2018



Country Music Hall of Famer Bobby Bare spent his birthday at Grand Ole Opry Saturday night joined by his good friend Garth.  Garth Brooks has spent a lot of time at the Opry lately, and we're not mad about it! He invited Bare to rejoin the Opry family saying, "It's not a club. It's about family. And family is forever!"



In the early 60s, Bare was a Grand Ole Opry member! Although he hasn't been a member in over a decade, he is a regular on stage.  When Brooks walked on to the stage he told the crowd that it would be "a historic night," as well as "one of the coolest honors ever bestowed on me."

In 2013, he'd enter the Country Hall of Fame and now in 2018 reinducted into the Opry Family. Congrats Bobby Bare. 


Brooks had just recently introduced Chris Janson a few weeks ago as a member of the Opry, again making sure to stress the family aspect of the institution.

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