Taylor Swift's Father Confronts Penthouse Intruder

February 18, 2020
Taylor Swift Break in

Steven Ferdman


Taylor Swift’s father confronted an intruder last month and fought him off. Terrence Hoover evaded several security systems, got past two locked doors, then climbed an emergency stairwell to reach Swift’s 13th floor penthouse.

Scott Swift tangled with the culprit, who successfully got away but without taking any items from the luxury condo. Swift paid $4 million to own the entire building’s top floor on the Tampa Bay shoreline.

Taylor's father is 67 years old and beat up a man half his age. Impressed?

Hoover’s mother claimed her boy was perfectly innocent. The tussle had been a misunderstanding. Hoover attempted to find his estranged wife, but got lost on the way. Allegedly. Mom says he ought to be charged with only trespassing.

Scott Swift picked Terrence Hoover from a photo lineup. Police arrested him and is holding him on $50,000 bond. Hoover has a long police record that includes burglary, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping and domestic violence by strangulation. (The Tampa Bay Times)