here comes that pizza I just ordered

July 8, 2019


It may seem futuristic, but they've been talking about the possibility for years. Deliveries my soon be coming to your door by way of drones,

San Diego has been chosen for this three year testing project starting this summer and if all goes well Uber and McDonalds my be joining the fleet. To start with though Mc Donald's won't be sending food directly to your door. Instead they'll work with Uber to deliver your order from a designated "safe landing zone" where human drivers will pick up orders and deliver them to doorsteps.

So why was San Diego chosen for this test? Experts say it's thanks to our international airport, multiple municiple airports, U.S. Navy  airspace. Marine Corp airspace and the U.S. Coast Guard. San Diego has one of the more complex airspaces in the nation. That and the great weather which helps with year around testing makes San Diego the ideal place for these tests.

Read more about it here http://sdnews.com/bookmark/27652493