San Diego State is the new number one

And Retire Kawhi Leonard's Jersey

February 3, 2020
San Diego State Basketball

Kent Horner


For the first time since December, there’s a new team at the top of "The Other Top 25" — (the ranking of teams outside the Power-5, Big East and American conferences)

The undefeated San Diego State Aztecs have swapped places with the Gonzaga Bulldogs. These boys are on fire! 

The 23-0 Aztecs put away Utah State over the weekend.

Even though the Aztecs are undefeated,  they haven't been without injuries this season. Starting center Nathan Mensah has been out since late December with a blood clot in his lungs.

But San Diego State Basketball has found ways to win with Yanni Wetzell at center, and the nation’s 11th-best offense.

Saturday night was also a special night as they retired Kawhi Leonard's number.


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Kent Horner
Kent Horner