New Electric Scooter Laws

Take Effect Monday

June 28, 2019


Ahhh Monday!

As if it's not bad enough it's the first day of the work week (at least it's a short week) It's also the day The new gas tax goes into effect, KSON Countryfest tickets go up in price, and new electric scooter regulations go into place.

The new regulations will slow down the allowable speed of these dockless scooters from 15 to 8 mph on the beach boardwalks, and 3 mph in high traffic areas. You also won't be allowed to park a scooter near hospitals, schools, or near Petco Park. and you can't ride an electric scooter or bike on any city sidewalks

Regulations include:

Speed limits: Operators will slow scooters to 8 mph. In specific geofenced areas. 3 of the geofenced areas are pedestrian-only & in those areas operators will slow scooter speeds to 3 mph along with a push message notifying riders to leave the area.

Geofencing: Will be In effect for beach boardwalks, Mission Bay Park, NTC Park, Balboa Park, Petco Park & the pedestrian-only locations, which include North & South Embarcadero, Martin Luther King  Jr. Promenade, & La Piazza della Famiglia.

Beach Area Staging: Operators are only permitted to stage in groups four, with 40 feet in between each group. The City will have corral locations for the scooters & will require them to be used. 

Rider Parking: Operators will prohibit riders from ending a ride in specific geofenced areas, which will include boardwalks at the beach.

Education: Requiring consistent messages about local and state laws in smartphone applications. Plus labeling on the scooters themselves about age requirements and how riding on the sidewalk is illegal.

Per Device Fee: A per device fee of $150 annually will be assessed. A reduction of $15 per device will be offered for operators offering a qualified equity program.

Equity programs:  may include discounts, equitable distribution, credit-card free unlock or mobile-device free unlock.

Data sharing: A variety of data will be shared about ridership, parking, paths of travel & more to assist the City in transportation planning, Climate Action Plan reporting and enforcement.

Indemnify insurance: Operators will be required to indemnify the City from liability and to hold a $2 million per occurrence, $4 million aggregate and $4 million umbrella insurance policy.

Performance bond: Each operator will be required to pay $65 for each device in their fleet as a “Safety Deposit” just in case the company leaves the city and doesn't take the scooters with them.

Dockless comapanies will also be charged $150 per-device fee in hopes of regulating the number of scooters available.