Want to get lean in 2020

Take Kenny Chesney's advice

January 10, 2020
Kenny Live

Mike Coppola


The secret to getting lean in 2020?

According to Kenny Chesney No carbs after 5pm.

Kenny said in a recent interview  "The thing that works for me, as far as getting lean, is I try to not eat any carbohydrates after five, and that's hard to do. That's no potatoes, no rice, no pasta, nothing. I eat protein and double up on my vegetables, and I don't eat any carbohydrates after 5:00 P.M.  You go to bed at night without eating any carbs, and you wake up feeling leaner." 

Kenny went on to say if he's still hungry at night, he reaches for the blender.

"I have a protein-based protein shake, so if I am hungry at eight or 9:00 P.M., instead of eating, I'll just down that, and it really helps you lean down a lot. "

Oh that,  and performing high octane concerts night after night. That can't hurt right.

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