The Center Opens Its Doors to a Record Number of Nearly 80 Orphan Baby Animals Throughout the Month of January…

January 29, 2020
Snows Pups

 Although the months of April and May are best known for new beginnings and abundant births, Helen Woodward Animal Center is experiencing a spring, of sorts, in January with a record number of pregnant dogs and cats.  The surprising number of four-legged mommas welcoming their litters within the Rancho Santa Fe facility, in the first month of the year, has put the “baby” in San Diego’s recent showers.  Helen Woodward Animal Center is delighted to introduce the world to these new fuzzy faces.

With fourteen mothers in its care, Helen Woodward Animal Center’s veterinary clinic has looked more like a maternity ward over the past few weeks.  Known for its thriving foster department and generous supporters, the Center is a go-to facility when overburdened shelters need help with pregnant orphan pets.

“Many shelters simply cannot take in pregnant mothers,” said Helen Woodward Animal Center Operations Director Jennifer Shorey. “A newborn family requires months of resources from a medical department, a foster network, and a shelter staff.  Mother and babies cannot go available for adoption for at least 8 weeks after birth, due to recovery time, required vaccines, and spays and neuters.  Tragically, for challenged shelters with time limits, this can mean that an entire family may be put down before the babies are even born.  We’re proud to say that many of those shelters now call us first so that we can help them save these lives.”

The fluffy January families include the following:

Dog Mom Hannah – 4 Babies (Jingle, Belle, Sugar, Plum) – BABIES & MOMMA ADOPTED
Dog Mom Gia – 5 Babies
 (Gertrude, Gretchen, Gumby, Garrett, Gavin) – BABIES & MOMMA ADOPTED
Dog Mom Lucy – 5 Babies
 (Leonard, Leopold, Landyn, Leland, Lennon) – BABIES & MOMMA ADOPTED
Dog Mom Dinah – 6 Babies
 (Daphne, Delilah, Dexter, Dorian, Dylan, Donovan) – BABIES & MOMMA ADOPTED
Cat Mom Flame – 3 Babies
 (Lotto, Licorice, Lollipop) – BABIES ADOPTED
Cat Mom Momma Who – 7 Babies (Yuri, Yumi, Yugi, Yoshi, Yeats, Yates, Yarrow) – BABIES ADOPTED
Dog Mom Cleo – 9 Babies
 (Celeste, Cienna, Colby, Cora, Clyde, Clark, Charlie, Cody, Caitie) – BABIES ADOPTED
Dog Mom Janet – 9 Babies (Michael, Chidi, Jason, Shawn, Derek, Jeff, Jeremy Bearimy, Eleanor, Tahani) – 6 BABIES ADOPTED/REMAINING AVAILABLE SOON
Dog Mom Snow – 7 Babies (Snowfall, Snowflake, Snowball, Snowshoe, Snowcap, Snowstorm, Snowman) – BABIES & MOMMA AVAILABLE SOON
Dog Mom Mia – 7 Babies
 (Molly, Myra, Major, Micah, Marcus, Maxwell, Marshall) – BABIES & MOMMA AVAILABLE SOON
Dog Mom Tabitha – 9 Babies (Teapot, Tootsie, Toad, Trumpet, 9 Tomato, Tango, Turnip, Toaster, Tofu) – BABIES & MOMMA AVAILABLE SOON
Dog Mom Pepper – 9 Babies
 (Paxton, Payton, Pearl, Percy, Pilot, Piper, Pixie, Polly, Poppy) – BABIES AVAILABLE SOON
Cat Mom Azalea – 7 Babies (Ace, Axle, Astrid, Aero, Armadillo, Athena and Augustine) – BABIES AVAILABLE IN MARCH
Dog Mom Pita 
– 4 Babies (Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe) – BABIES AVAILABLE IN MARCH

Over 40 of the remaining January orphan puppies will be available over the next few weeks.  Potential adopters can check the website (www.animalcenter.org) for hour-by-hour availability. 


Animal-lovers not in the market for a new puppy or kitten can still assist with Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Momma Mania by donating or becoming a foster.  Our foster families provide the home and the loving care and Helen Woodward Animal Center provides everything else, including bedding, food, and more. Additionally, a full-time medical team (available during business hours), and an after-hours staff member, are all part of the team surrounding Center fosters to make sure they have everything they need.  To apply to be a Helen Woodward Animal Center foster, please log onto:  https://animalcenter.org/get-involved/volunteer/foster