Chinese Students Hack Homework App

March 10, 2020
China teens

Anthony Kwan


In Wuhan China, the epicenter of the coronavirus, a child genius defeated an education app to get every student out of homework.

Kids cheered the day the Chinese government suspended schools until further notice. Then students got angry when officials arranged for remote classrooms. They registered with an education app called DingTalk. Teachers gave online lessons via DingTalk with required daily homework.

Bots created by a teenage programmer spammed DingTalk with an avalanche of one-star reviews. Eventually, its rating dropped too low to be carried at the app store. According to one report, “DingTalk’s rating plummeted overnight from 4.9 to 1.4." (London Review of Books)

Public health officials in the United States expect more mandatory “social distancing” to thwart the spread of the coronavirus. We’re seeing it this week with cancellations of concerts, conferences and schools.