Better Fill Up Before Monday

Gas Taxes Will Hit 60 cents a gallon

June 27, 2019



KSON Countryfest ticket prices aren't the only thing going up on Monday.


Starting July first California's gas tax will increase by nearly six cents. And while that doesn't seem like much. Keep in mind California's gas tax is currently 55.2 cents.

With the increased tax, the price for a gallon of gas here in California will jump to more than 60 cents a gallon. Meaning California will have the highest gas tax in the nation. A record held by Pennsylvania until Monday.


The reason for the increase?


SB1. A law signed by Governor Jerry Brown back in  2017  increased the gas tax by 12 cents per gallon and registration fees by as much as $175.

Now there was an effort to repeal the gas tax last November but unfortunately Proposition 6 failed to get enough votes


Supporters of  the taxes say it will generate $54 billion over the next ten years. Suddenly that electric car is sounding better and better.