Sully, Bush's Former Service Dog Delivers Valentines

And prepares to work with Veterans for his next job

February 14, 2019

© Evan Sisley-Office of George H. W. Bush

Sully, former President George H.W. Bush's beloved service dog, is ready for his next assignment.

After Bush 41's passing late last year, it was announced that the 2-year old dog would continue his mission with a new job, supporting veterans, rather than stay with the Bush family.

At the end of February, Sully will start his new journey in Maryland working with veterans at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. 

America's VetDogs shared a touching video of Sully speading some Valentine's Day love as a part of his training by delivering personalied Valentine's to employees. Heart. melted. 

Sully went viral after Bush's death and the photo above was posted, memorializing their relationship.

Take a look at his adventures preparing for his future working at Walter Reed below.

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