ALL THE FEELS for Krispy Kreme's Version of Sweethearts

Sweethearts candy conversation hearts won't be sold this year

January 28, 2019

By now, you've probably heard that Sweethearts candy won't be on the shelves this year for Valentine's Day after the company that produced them went bankrupt.

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Their new owner, the Spangler Candy Company, expects them to be back on the shelves by Valentine's 2020, but what are we to do to fill the chalky, frankly not-delicious but fun void of little candy hearts with cheesy phrases like "CALL ME" and "BE MINE"?

Krispy Kreme to the rescue! They have a solution... conversation DONUTS! 

And don't worry, they sound way more delicious than the actual candy hearts. The donuts will be filled, offering four different filling flavors: Cake Batter, Strawberries and KREME, Raspberry, and Chocolate KREME.

There are more than a dozen phrases for the donuts, including classics like "CALL ME", "BE MINE", and "SAY YES" and some new, modern sayings like "DM ME", "ALL THE FEELS", and "SO EXTRA".

They're available starting Wednesday, January 30th, and to sweeten the deal, if you're a member of the Krispy Kreme Rewards club, you can get a FREE conversation heart doughnut with any purchase on Wednesday, February 6th.