Giant Pandas will leave San Diego Zoo in April

You have until April 27th to visit them at the San Diego Zoo

March 25, 2019

The San Diego Zoo announced today that the two Giant Pandas at the San Diego Zoo will soon return to their homeland in China in April.

While we’re sad to see them leave San Diego, this move is not a surprise as it marks the end of the Zoo’s conservation loan agreement with China.

“The San Diego Zoo was honored to be chosen by conservationists in China to work with them to develop a new model for species conservation,” said Douglas G. Myers, president/CEO, San Diego Zoo Global.

This partnership has given scientists the opportunity to learn a lot about panda behavior, reproduction, and more. According to the San Diego Zoo’s Zoo Nooz, this knowledge has helped increase pandas numbers in China to over 2,000 in the wild. And that’s something HUGE to celebrate!

You can continue to visit the two pandas, 6-year old Xiao Liwu and his mother 27-year old Bai Yun at the San Diego Zoo through April 27th.

The San Diego Zoo is working on a celebration that will span a couple of weeks in April, and they will release more details as they become available.

 San Diego Zoo Global will continue their work with China to determine what’s next for the panda conservation program.

Read more on the San Diego Zoo’s website here.