My dad sent me his FIRST EVER selfie!

June 8, 2016

Dad clearly needs sunscreen on his face when fishing in Minnesota…but I still love seeing him and my mother!  This is just one of the super cool features of the Jitterbug Smart phone I sent them from GreatCall.  Hopefully dad can work on his selfie skills…while I have peace of mind knowing the two of them can get help in any situation with 5Star Urgent Response.

It’s the security that I love about GreatCall.  The security of the 5Star Urgent Response App that my parents' Jitterbug Smart is equipped with means that with one push of the button they’ll have a highly-trained agent on with them to send help in an emergency, supply them with directions if they’re lost... though I'm not sure they can help Dad with some fishing advice…or at least how to take a better selfie!

Right now, you can get peace of mind…and your Dad a Jitterbug phone for 25% off…just in time for Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day Dad…I sure do love you! -John