Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - September 5th, 2018

September 5, 2018

1) "Vanity Fair" ranked the top 30 animated shows since "The Simpsons" premiered in 1989.  What was on the top of the list...South Park, Bob's Burgers or Family Guy? 


2) Football starts tomorrow and everyone who has a team has completed their Fantasy Football draft.  TRUE OR FALSE: The place that has the biggest increase in Fantasy Football players is PRISON.  


3) Brad Paisley and Peyton Manning have filmed a new series of commercials for THIS insurance company. 


4) The website Vulture.com has ranked the 25 best college films of all time.  According to that site...what ranked #1...Old School, Animal House or Legally Blonde? 


5) FX debuted a new trailer for American Horror Story: Apocalypse.  Including this one, how many American Horror Stories have there been? 


Listen and play along below: