Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - September 5, 2019

September 5, 2019

1) The world is obsessed with Fake news. SO! Tell me if this recent headline is a real headline or a fake headline: CARDI B is now feuding with white quadruplet 10-year-old rappers who wrote a diss track about her. 


2) "Rolling Stone"  just put out a list of the 50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums of All Time.  Channel your 80's and 90's hair rock and tell me...according to Rolling Stone....what band had the GREATEST Hair Metal Album of all time....Def Leppard, Poison or Quiet Riot?


3) Jon Pardi let "Men's Fitness" see what he keeps in his fridge.  He showed them lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, kombucha, eggs, elk meat, and several jars of pickles. What brand of Pickle features the Chill Dill:  Klaussen, Vlassic or Nathans Famous? 


4) The reboot of Beverly Hills 90210...simply called BH 90210 is doing better than expected.  It turns our many teens of the 90's LOVE this cast and the idea od a show.  All the leads of the orginal show are back including Jason Priestly and Shannen Doherty who played twins who moved to Beverly Hills from which state?


5) Rancho Penasquitos' own Adam Lambert...aka the lead singer of Queen/AKA the dude that SHOULD have won American Idol released a video of his initial rehearsal on IDOL.  What year was Lambert robbed of winning American Idol?


Play along and listen below: