Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - September 3, 2019

September 3, 2019

1) Actress Kerry Washington missed live tweeting with her fans when her TV show was part of ABC's TGIT night that she actually gave her phone number via twitter so they could continue that sense of community.  TGIT included the shows Grey's Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder...and Kerry's show where she played Olivia Pope.  Was that show Scandal, The Simpsons or Love Island? 


2) The upcoming season on Law and Order: SVU will make history as the longest running scripted primetime drama beating the record previously set by the original Law and Order and Gunsmoke.  SO!  Let's play the Hi LO game.  This upcoming season of Law and Order SVU will be the 19th. Too hi or too low? 


3) The NFL season starts this This week.  Who won the Superbowl last year? 


4) Speaking of the NFL...the season officially gets started this Thursday with Tammy's Packers against my Bears.  Aaron Rodgers is the longtime Quarterback of the Packers. In 2015, Rodgers earned $50,000 for charity by winning the celebrity version of what game show?


5) Actor/Comedian Kevin Hart seriously injured his back in a car wreck over the weekend and will require surgery.  Many stars tweeted out support for Hart including Dwayne the Rock Johnson who co-starred with Hart in what 2016 comedy?


Play along and listen below: