Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - September 29th, 2016

September 29, 2016

1) Disney announced that they are working with director Jon Favreau on a new version of "The Lion King." Favreau directed what live-action remake of another Disney classic released this year? 

2) Madonna defended her friend Rosie O'Donald after Donald Trump attacked her during the debate Tuesday night saying "Cruelty never made anyone a winner." The two became friends on the set of what baseball movie? 

3) Comedian Kevin Hart topped the list of the highest paid comedians in the world making a whopping $87.5 million in the last year. He takes the crown away from Jerry Seinfeld who has been #1 on the list for the last 10 years thanks to the syndication of his hit show Seinfeld. What year did the show premiere? 

4) Actress Gwyneth Paltrow went make-up free this week on social media to celebrate her 44th birthday. What is the name of the online magazine and lifestyle brand that Paltrow started in 2008? 

5) The two protesters that attempted to attack Ryan Lochte on Dancing with the Stars have been officially charged for leaving a spectator area and entering upon a stage, as well as interfering with a performance -- both are misdemeanors. What star was eliminated from the show on Tuesday night? 

Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - September 29th, 2016