Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - October 9, 2019

October 9, 2019

1) Even though Disney + is about to launch....the majority om Americans still say they rather pay for THIS streaming service...home of House of Cards and Stranger Things.  What is it? 


2) Brad Pitt is continuing his self improvement tour by studying with a world renowned sculpter.  Fill in the blank from the latest Brad Pitt/Leo DiCaprio movie.  Once Upon a Time____


3) Zac Brown told "CBS This Morning" that he's "not just a country artist."  He's on a mission to create whatever music "moves him" and he doesn't care what the purists think​.  One of the current hosts of CBS THIS MORNING is Oprah's best friend.  WHat's her full name? 


4) Dan + Shay announced their first-ever arena tour, and tickets sold so fast they decided to add shows and cities. WHat was Dan and Shay's FIRST single ever???  Was it From the Ground Up? Nothin Like You or 19 You & Me?


5) The Joker was a BIG hit...and The Harley Quinn stand alone movie is coming out...so the stand alone villain movie is hot right now.  So it makes sense that talks are going down for a standalone movie for the bald headed major villain in the Superman universe.  Who is he? 


Play along and listen below: