Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - October 4th, 2017

October 4, 2017

1) 67 years ago today the first “Peanuts” comic strip featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy appeared in newspapers under the name “Li’l Folks”. True or False:  Charlie Brown's original name was Wilbur Brown. 

2) Yesterday was the anniversary of Jennifer Aniston's divorce from Brad PItt...SO let's play the Hi/Lo Game...It's been 10 years since Brad and Jen divorced.  

3) OJ Simpson was released from prison Sunday morning and coincidentally today would have been his attorney Johnnie Cochran’s birthday. He was one of O.J.’s defense attorney’s for the murder trial of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Finish this famous phrase he used repeatedly during the trial. If the glove don’t fit….

4) Bradley Cooper has been offered the lead role of Vince McMahon in WWE Studios’ biopic “Pandemonium”. What does WWE stand for? 

5) Kathy Bates and Justin Theroux have joined the cast of a movie about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  Kathy Bates won on Oscar for her portrayal of a deranged killer nurse who is the #1 fan of author Paul Sheldon in the movie "Misery".  What was her character's name in Misery?

Play along below: 

Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - October 4th, 2017