Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - October 4, 2019

October 4, 2019

1) ​​This candy giant just teamed up with the brewers that makeYuengling (ying-ling) beer to make a chocoalte beer.  Is this company Hershey, Nestle or Ghiradelli?


2) Tickets went on sale yesterday in Santa Monica for a Mean Girls inspired pop up restaurant.  Fans of the 2004 movie can pay $45 for a 3 course meal at the restaurant they are naming after a catchphrase that Gretchen Wieners uses in the movie that means cool or awesome.  What is this catchphrase that prompts Regina Kelly to say this.(hear audio)


3) Early next year, the Food Network is bringing us the "Girl Scout Cookie Championship" . . . where contestants have to come up with new desserts using Girl Scout Cookies.  SO....Let's play the Too Early or Too Late  The Girl Scouts first started selling cookies in 1921.  Is that too early or too late? 


4) TIFFANI THIESSEN says that she didn't know NBC was doing a "Saved By the Bell" revival with MARIO LOPEZ and ELIZABETH BERKLEY.  It's unclear why they didn't reach out to her, or MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR​. When Saved By the Bell first debuted in, what network did air on? 


5) Justin Bieber is releasing a new song today with Dan and Shay called "10,000 Hours" Finish the lyric from Dan and Shay's HUGE hit Tequila.... Sky High In Colorado, _________________________.  


Play along and listen below: