Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - October 30th, 2018

October 30, 2018

1) Jimmy Kimmel was seen at the World Series sitting with Ben Affleck and Affleck's best buddy...who also happens to have a fictional feud with Kimmel.  Who is this actor? 


2) Actor Jon C. Reilly recently had to wear a fat suit for a movie role and said that made people treat him differently when he took breaks on set.  Name the 2008 movie that Reilly starred in with Will Ferrell and included this line....(hear audio below)


3) Matthew McConaughey marked National First Responders Day in a special way.  The Oscar winner took a trip to his native Texas to spend the day with the first responders on the front line of Hurricane Harvey relief.  What bourbon does McConaughey plug?  


4) HBO is now hiring a professional on all their shows, whose job it is to make sure nothing inappropriate happens during the filming of love scenes.  They're calling these people "Intimacy Coordinators"  Name the HBO show about Baltimore cops.  


5) Rumor has it "The Simpsons" is planning on dropping Apu.  But the people who call Apu a racist stereotype say that outright dumping him is cowardly.  If this true, the place where Apu works will need a new manager.  Where does Apu work? 


Listen below and play along: