Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - October 29, 2019

October 29, 2019

1) THIS chicken franchise's super popular chicken sandwich which sold old  will return on November 3rd.  Need a hint?  The namesake loves OIive Oyl and fights Bluto. 


2) When the sequel to Eddie Murphy's classic "Coming To America" is released it will be WITHOUT one of it's original characters.  Eriq La Salle will NOT be reprising his role as "heir to the Soul Glo fortune" Darryl Jenks. What legendary medical drama did LaSalle also star in along side George Clooney, as Dr. Peter Benton? 


3) X-Men actor James McAvoy got married over the weekend.  What young version X-Men character is he...Young Wolverine, Young Charles Xavier or Young Magneto?


4) Kayne West held this week's "Sunday Service" at the Forum in L.A.  And, sources say he's going to change all his old songs so they're G-rated from now on.  Kanye appeared in the sequel to Anchorman...  Was the sequel called  Anchorman, The Sequel, Anchorman The Legend Continues or Anchorman Goes Down Smooth?


5) A website called CandyStore.com just released its annual study on the most popular Halloween candy in every state ...the top 3 candies in California are Skittles, MM's and Reeses Peanut BUtter Cups.  List these finalsists in order from 1- 3.  


Play along and listen below: