Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - October 25th, 2018

October 25, 2018

1) British police released a video of a robbery suspect that looks exactly like the character David Schwimmer plays on Friends.  The two look so similar that Schwimmer made a spoof video on his Instagram account proclaiming his innocence.  Which Friend is David Schwimmer?  


2) A woman admitted to secretly fattening up her Bridesmaids so she'd look thinner than them in pictures.  ​In the movie Bridemaids, which actress said this line? (listen to audio below!)


3) This might make you feel old.  Britney Spears' first single "...Baby One More Time" is 20 years old!!  In that video...how is Britney wearing her hair? 


4) Jonah Hill says he doesn't drink, smoke pot, or party . . . and he's trying to quit smoking cigarettes.  This is very different than his character in one of the early movies he appeared in.  He played a pot head slacker roommate of Seth Rogen in this 2007 comedy that also starred Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd. 

5) The Jerry Springer Show might be ending after 26 seasons...but Jerry already has a new gig.  He'll be taking on Judge Judy...a courtroom show called Judge Jerry.  What is the name of the show and the man who was at one time a bodyguard on the Springer show, but now has his own show? 


Play along and listen below: