Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - October 21, 2019

October 21, 2019

1) ​​​After calling a fan onstage, Lady Gaga jumped into his arms....and the fan fell off the stage.  Everyone is ok!  Lady Gaga's fans are called Little _____?


2) The Tony Award musical of SpongeBob SquarePants is coming back to Nickelodeon.  What is the name of the fast food restaurant SpongeBob works at? 


3) Olympian Linsday Vonn had a birthday last week.  What sport is Lindsay an Olympian in?


4) Eva Mendes showed off an Instagram pic of her new haircut that she got at Supercuts.  Name the movie that Mendes co-starred in with Will Smith in 2005?


5) American Horror Story made its debut 8 years ago this month.  What year is the current season set in which is also the name of the season? 


Play along and listen below: