Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - October 16th, 2018

October 16, 2018

1) A year after Hugh Hefner passed away, fans will get the opportunity to purchase pieces from the Playboy founder’s estate, including his iconic silk what?  

2) Last week it was National Grouch Day.  On Sesame Street, where does Oscar the Grouch live? 


3) Actress Hillary Duff is very pregnant and is very sick of being pregnant so she went to her favorite Italian restaurant that's famous for women going into labor after eating their: Salad, pizza or canoli?  


4) There was an accidental death on the set of the Tom Hanks movie where Hanks plays Mr. Rogers.  What was Mr. Rogers first name? 


5) The people who make Snapchat have a new app that is specifically for cats.  What is the logo for snap chat?


Play along and listen below: