Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - November 8, 2019

November 8, 2019

1) Lady Gaga would like you to stop asking.  She's not dating Bradley Cooper who's rumored to be single.  What Oscar winning movie did the two star in?


2) Hayden Panettiere is back together with ex-boyfriend Brian Hickerson..and her family is NOT happy about that.  Tell me the name of the TV drama that ran from 2012-2018, where Hayden played Juliette Barnes...the young and sexy best selling singer of the new country sound.  


3) Fox announced yesterday it was NOT bringing back THIS reboot that had a HUGE amount of anticipation...but sadly....no one cared.  Guess we'll never know if  that weird assistant of Brian Austin Green is his son or not.  What REBOOT am I talking about?


4) Will Smith helped out the squeamish, by recording the entire process of his recent colonoscopy.  Name the latest Will Smith movie...and when I say Latest...I mean it was just released last month...which sadly...is the latest in a string of bombs for Will. 


5) Actress Gabrille Union and her husband Dwayne Wade, celebrated the 1 year birthday of their daughter.  In the movie Bring it On...she was the Cheerleading Captain of The East Compton Clovers.  What was her characters name...  Natina, Isis or Shamri. 


Play along and listen below: