Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - November 4, 2019

November 4, 2019

1) Kristin Stewart hosted SNL over  the weekend.  True or false....Stewart almost lost her role of Bella in Twilight to Lindsay Lohan!  


2) Cardi B took her daughter to Disneyland over the weekend.  SO!  Let's play the Hi Lo Game.  CArdi B bas 5 Grammy nominations. Is that too high or too low? 


3) Queen Latifah and John Stamos are part of the cast for this live action version of THIS Disney animated classic that will air live THIS Tuesday on ABC.  What is the movie? 


4) Jenny McCarthy had a turned 47 Friday.  Name the MTV dating show she co-hosted.


5) OJ Simpson dressed up as KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes for Halloween.  Besides being an alleged double murderer monster...OJ is also played pro football, setting multiple records for the Buffalo Bills.  OJ played for one other team his pro career, before he started his new job as murderer. What OTHER team did OJ play for? 


Play along and listen below: