Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - November 27th, 2018

November 27, 2018

1) Alicia Silverstone has settled her divorce with her ex...and its going to cost her $12,000 a month in alimony.  What classic rock group helped make Alicia a star in the 90's by casting her in her videos.  


2) We found out yesterday that Oprah's mom died.  Oprah was discovered after doing daytime television in WHAT city...Portland, Atlanta or Chicago?


3) Amanda Bynes has finally gone public saying it was drug use that caused her to self destruct years ago.  Amanda rose to stardom by starring in "All That" and "The Amanda Show" on what network? 


4) One of the guys on the TV show "Storage Wars" sold a unit for $500...only to find out it had 7.5 million dollars inside it.  What network carries Storage Wars? 


5) There is a BIG argument going on regarding whether or not "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie.  In that movie Bruce has to save the day after terrorists take over _____ Plaza.  


Listen and play along below: