Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - November 16th, 2018

November 16, 2018

1) Netflix announced that Keifer Sutherland's Designated Survivor, will add Anthony Edwards from "ER" and Lauren Holly from "Picket Fences" will join the cast in Season 3.  Of course, Keifer will ALWAYS be known as Agent Jack Bauer in what TV show?


2) Keith Urban is the BIG winner at the CMA's...grabbing the coveted "Entertainer of the Year" CMA.  TRUE or FALSE: Due to Keith's looks and his wife, Nicole Kidman, Keith has had numerous movie offers, including a big role in a Judd Apatow movie. 


3) Star Wars' Luke Skywalker AKA Mark Hamill, recently commented that it's time for women to run the government, saying men had their chance.  One of Luke Skywalker's Mentors was Yoda.  Which Star Wars movie first introduced the world to Yoda? 


4) Bradley Cooper wanted someone else to play his leading role in the smash film "A Star is Born" but the studio said no way, so Bradley played the part himself.  Who did Bradley want to play the role...Musician Jack White, Actor Matthew McConaughey or Cyclist Lance Armstrong? 


5) 'This is Us' Star Mandy Moore claims she has not had ANY plastic surgery...and can't understand why tabloids keep saying she has.  Who does Mandy play in This Is Us?


Play along and listen below: