Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - May 8, 2019

May 8, 2019

1) Starbucks has received more than $11.6 million in free advertising thanks to that coffee cup that accidentally made its way into a scene in"Game of Thrones".  And it wasn't even a Starbucks cup.  It was from the show's craft services.  In what rainy Northwest city was Starbucks founded?

2) Amy Schumer competed with the Royal Baby and had HER son on the same day ay Harry and Megan's.  Amy became really famous from her hilarious sketch comedy show "Inside Amy Schumer" that ran from 2013-2016 on what cable network...Comedy Central, FX or Freeform? 

3) Adam Sandler says he had trouble getting through his Chris Farley tribute on "SNL".  In the movie Wayne's World ...what does Farley's character do for a living...is he a Roadie, a Cop or a Security Guard? 

4) R.J. Mitte says he's not in the upcoming "Breaking Bad" sequel movie. RJ played Bryan Cranston's character Walter White's son on the show.  Give me any name RJ  was known as on the show...

5) Tiger Woods was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Trump this week. It's the highest civilian honor in America.   In history, President Obama gave out the most Medals of Freedom followed by President Reagan.  Obama gave one to Steven Speilberg in 2015. What movie did Spielberg win his First Best Director Oscar for?

Play along below: