Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge: May 23, 2016

May 23, 2016

1)  The Billboard Music Awards were last night. SO let's play the hi/lo game.  This was the 23rd Billboard Music Award show.  Too hi or too low?  

2)  Blake Shelton's new album, "If I'm Honest"  came out Friday.  Not including Greatest Hits albums...is it his 6th 8th or 10th album?

3)  Mr. T turned 64 years old Saturday. What is his famous catchphrase? 

4)  Fabio Lanzoni is better known by his first name....Fabio.  What food product is Fabio the spokesperson for? 

5)   In a recent actress roundtable discussion, Jennifer Lopez said she didn’t understand why she had been labeled a diva because she is a hard worker and is always on time. Back in 2003, JLo starred in a romantic comedy opposite Ben Affleck which turned out to be one of the largest box office flops and is now widely considered one of the worst films of all time. Name that movie. 

Play along here:

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