Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge: May 17th

May 17, 2016

1)  The Simpson's went live Sunday, answering live questions from their fans.  The Father on the Simpsons said he endorsed Bernie Sanders...which is probably the only time a cartoon has made a political endorsement.  What is The Simpson Father's first name? 

2)  James Vanderbeek reacted to Justin Bieber's statement that he wouldn't be taking pictures with fans anymore because he feels like a zoo animal...saying while he understands the dillema Bieber is in...it's part of the job...suck it up and do it. Vanderbeek should know,...he became a HUGE star as the star of what 1998 WB series?  

3)  Big Saget is having a birthday today.  What's his character's first name in Full House?

4)  Janet Jackson is a new mommy to be...and turned 50 yesterday.  What 8o's sitcom did she co-star in as Charlene? 

5)   Movie fans...especially ones here in San Diego are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the movie Top Gun.  We all know about Maverick's best friend "Goose"....except maybe one thing.  What was his real first name? 


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