Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - May 15th, 2017

May 15, 2017

1) An email sent from Harvey to his staff was recently leaked, revealing the host's not-so-nice side. The email outlined new rules for his employees in terms of how they should communicate with him…For example: “Do not open my dressing room door. IF YOU OPEN MY DRESSING ROOM DOOR, EXPECT TO BE REMOVED”.  What family game show does Harvey host? 

2) There have been reports that the upcoming 7th season of this ABC political drama starring Kerry Washington will be the last season. What show is this? 

3) Rumor has it the American Idol reboot will only hold auditions at Disney World this time around. Traditionally, once a contestant passes the first judge’s audition, they gain a ticket to where? 

4) The CW has ordered a reboot for later this year of this drama about a rich Colorado family that originally ran from 1981-1989.  Name it. 

5) In honor of Mothers Day, The Wrap.com compiled a list of the worst on-screen moms.    George Cosantza’s Mom on Seinfeld made the list.  What was her first name?

Play along below: 

Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - May 15th, 2017