Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - May 1, 2019

May 1, 2019

1) Avengers:End Game continues to rake in millions of dollars, making The Avengers stars all very rich.  Which Avenger has the highest NET worth....Is it Thor, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt AKA...StarLord , Robert Downey Jr, aka Ironman or Scarlett Johannsen, Black Widow? 


2) In a recent interview, actress Cynthis Nixon says that the famous HBO tv show that spawned 2 movies and made Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis Kim Catrall and Nixon rich and famous, has "a lot of failings in the feminist movement in it"  What show were the 4 women the star of? 


3) A company called Beams teamed up with this ugly footware company to make a special edition with miniature fanny packs attached to the heels.  They come in green and purple and cost $53 and are a foam clog shoe.  What are they  called?  


4) ​A fake JASON STATHAM conned a woman out of hundreds of thousands of dollars online.  He claimed he was cash-strapped because he was waiting for a late film payment.  The real Jason is worth $70 million.  Name the movie franchise that Jason starred in that started in 2004...and follows these rules...He strictly follows three rules:  Don't change the deal, No names, and Never open the package.


5) There's talk that LARRY KING suffered a heart attack last Thursday. . . but Larry's people are DENYING it.  Larry is 85 years old.  How many times has Larry King been married?  


Play along and listen below: