Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - March 27th, 2019

March 27, 2019

1) Sadly, we soon will have to say goodbye to the famous pandas at the San Diego Zoo.  Who is the voice of Kung Fu Panda?   Liam Neeson. Ryan Reynolds or Jack Black?  


2) Julia Roberts prepared to play a prostitute in “Pretty Woman” by hanging out with them on Hollywood Boulevard, according to Barbara Marshall, widow of the movie’s director, Garry Marshall.  What was Roberts' character's name in Pretty Woman...Claire, Vivian or Victoria? 


3) In a recent interview, Rob Lowe revealed that he turned down the role of Dr Derek Shephard on TV's longest running medical drama, "Grey's Anatomy" and that that decision probably cost him about 70 million dollars.  What was Dr. Shephard known as on Greys?


4) Nicholas Cage and his girlfriend applied for a marriage license.  In one of Cage's more famous roles, he plays Cameron Poe, a newly paroled ex-con who gets trapped in a prisoner transport plane, when the prisoners seize control.  What is this movie called?


5) Not sure how many people were aware that the show Temptation Island that ran on Fox from 2001-2004 was rebooted this year with the original host...Mark Walberg....but not THAT Mark Walberg.  What cable channel carries Temptation Island now? 


Play along and listen below: