Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - March 21st, 2019

March 21, 2019

1) Daphne Oz is expecting her 4th baby with her husband.  Daphne is the daughter of what TV doctor? 


2) The trailer for "Stranger Things 3" was released yesterday and will be released July 4th.  What network carries Stranger Things? 


3) Jake Owen Likes to Improvise On Stage to See if His Band's Paying Attention​.  Of the following...what was Jake's FIRST number one song....Barefoot Blue Jean Night...The One that Got Away or Anywhere With You?  


4) Pierce Brosnan paid tribute to his wife on social media after celebrating their 25th anniversary.  Pierce was among the actors that played James Bond.  Which number Bond was he?


5)  Ryan Phillipe will play the "monster" in that modern-day Frankenstein cop drama CBS is working on.​  This isn't Phillipe's first try with horror.  He co-starred in what 1997 slasher film, that co-starred Jennifer Love Hewitt? 


Play along and listen below: