Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - March 1st, 2019

March 1, 2019

1) The Monster took first place and was revealed to be T-Pain. Donny Osmond as the Peacock took second, and Gladys Knight as the Bee placed third.​ The show I'm talking about is the Masked Singer...TV's strangest hit.  What network carries the Masked Singer? 


2) Last Night, Grey's Anatomy became Tv's longest running medical drama.  SO!  Let's play the HI/Lo Game.  Greys Anatomy just aired it's 300th episode. Is that too hi or to low?


3) Speaking of Grey's being the  longest running medical show....what NBC Medical Show did it de-throne, that ran from 1994-2009?


4) Luke Perry from the ORIGINAL "Bevery Hills, 90210" sadly suffered a massive stroke on Thursday and is in Intensive care.  Perry played Dylan McKay , while Jason Preistley played Brandon Walsh, Torri Spelling played Donna Martin and Brian Austin Green played David Silver.   What was the name of the restaurant they all hung out at?


5) Kelly Clarkson is the host of this years Billboard Music Awards.  Kelly is the FIRST EVER American Idol. What year did she win?  


Play along and listen below: