Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - March 15th, 2019

March 15, 2019

1) Lori Laughlin has been dropped by the Hallmark Channel after her arrest in the "Operation Varsity Blues"   Who was the star of the 1999 movie "Varsity Blues"? James Vanderbeek, Joshua Jackson or Dylan Sprouse? 


2) Matt LeBlanc was on Jimmy Kimmel this week and said while he loved the monkey on the first few seasons of Friends..David Schwimmer HATED her.  THAT'S right...the monkey was a girl...even though on the show she was played a boy monkey...named..Micheal, Morris or Marcel? 


3) A picture has  surfaced of Willie Nelson and his 4th wife Annie and she is BEAUTIFUL!  Within 3 years either way...how old is Willie?


4) Jersey Shore star Sammi had a birthday yesterday.  What is her nickname on the show? 


5) Someone made a trailer remaking the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire into a gritty crime drama and it's AWESOME!  What's the name of Will Smith's uncle on that show? 


Play along and listen below: