Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - June 5, 2019

June 5, 2019

1) A Las Vegas Judge has granted Nicolas Cage a divorce after his...let's say spur of the moment..not too responsible, definitely impaired decision to get married earlier this Spring.  How long was Nic married for this time...2 3 or 4 days?


2) After Jeopardy James lost yesterday...coming within less than 60 thousand of Ken Jennings all time regular season winning record....Jennings posted a congratulations meme for Hozhauer...with a meme of this ultimate Avengers villain who snapped his fingers and extinguished half of existence...or DID he????  What villain am I talking about?....Thanos, Loki or Ultron? 


3) A new survey asked people to name the most amazing or groundbreaking moments of the past 100 years. According to this survey was the #1 amazing or groundbreaking moments of the past 100 years, The Fall of the Berlin Wall, The First Man on the Moon or the End of WW2? 


4) A new study out of Queen Mary University in London found that it's safe for your heart if you drink an obscene amount of coffee on a daily basis. The researchers found that people could drink up to 25 CUPS a day without having any extra risk of hardening their arteries or having a stroke or heart attack.  What is the #1 instant coffee in America....Folgers, Starbucks or Tasters Choice? 


5) Pizza Chain Little Caesars is testing a FRITO PIE pizza.  What city is the original home of Little Caesars...Detroit, Las Vegas or Chicago?  


Play along and listen below: