Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - June 26, 2019

June 26, 2019

1) The cable station NatGeo's SharkFest is being expanded to three weeks.  Take that, Shark Week.  Nat Geo is short for what magazine that's been around since 1888?  WHat's it called?


2) 400,000 people downloaded "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite" on its first day, which is great . . . but "Pokemon Go" got about 7.5 million when it launched.  IN the Harry Potter series...Harry Falls in love and eventually marries the sister of his best friend Ron Weasley.  Is his love's name GInny, Hermoine or Moaning Mrytle? 


3) CHELSEA HANDLER is ready for a relationship again.  She says, quote, "Being able to admit that you want to be in a relationship . . . I thought I would sound weak if I said that . . .[but] I would love to find someone to love."  Tell me the name of the talk show that Handler hosted from 2007-2014 on the E! Network.  


4) A list of the best-selling one-hit wonders of all time is topped by "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye and Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" (audio from both)  Which Number Rocky Movie Did Eye of the Tiger debut?


5) Believe it or not, the cafes at Ikea stores are one of the most popular places to eat on this planet . . . apparently they're the sixth biggest food chain in the world.  What is the slogan for IKEA....Life...One Memory at a Time, Beauty in a Box or The Wonderful Everyday?


Play along and listen below: