Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - June 24th, 2016

June 24, 2016

1)  It seems that Hillary Duff MAY be dating her trainer.  What was the name of the Disney Channel show that Duff was the star of from 2001-2004?  

2)  On Monday, different Burger Kings around the country are going to start selling "Mac n' Cheetos."  Basically, they took giant Cheetos, stuffed them with macaroni and cheese, then deep fried them.  I wonder what the cartoon animal mascot of Cheetos would say about that.  What's his name? 

3) DAVID DUCHOVNY is trying to start the next Ice Bucket Challenge by having people post videos of their dogs licking peanut butter off their faces.  The point is, you donate a dollar for each lick, and the money goes to a charity that's trying to stop shelters from killing unwanted animals. Was David Mulder or Scully on The X files?

4)  Mandy Moore and singer Ryan Adam's divorce is final...she's keeping the house and the Prius...he keeps his comic book collection and the Porsche.  In the Disney movie Tangled, what character is Mandy the voice of? 

5)  Singer Brett Eldridge was the first singer EVER to film a video at this ball park in Chicago, which is the home of the Cubs.  What's it called? 

Play along below!

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