Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - June 15th, 2018

June 15, 2018

1) Millie Bobby Brown abandoned her social network account, @MillieBBrown, on Wednesday.The move came shortly after the Stranger Things star was the subject of homophobic memes on the social network.   W​hat social network am I talking about...Instagram, Twitter or Facebook?

2) Sophia Bush really didn't want to marry Chad Michael Murray, but she was, quote, "22 and stupid." The two met and SUPPOSEDLY fell in love when the co-starred on what  2003 tv show that ran for 9 seasons on the CW?  

3) George Lucas says that if HE did the "Star Wars" sequels, they would have been about microbiotic creatures called "The Whills" that control the universe and feed off the force.  Speaking of which, who did Lucas sell to?​ 

4) Leslie Jones hopes SNL will be less political next season, because " you need the three stooges just as much as you need John Oliver." What is the political satire show John Oliver hosts? 

5) When Quentin Tarantino first asked Neil Diamond to use his music in "Pulp Fiction", he said no, but his publisher convinced him to say yes. In that movie, Bruce Willis plays an aging boxer.  What is his character's name? 

Play along below: