Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge: June 15

June 15, 2016

1)  Actress Courteney Cox is celebrating a birthday today.  Which FRIENDS character was she? 

2)  Adam Levine has offered to pay for Christina Grimmie’s funeral. Adam was her coach on the voice. Who are the only two voice coaches to appear in every season? 

3)  Comedian Kevin Hart's California house was broken into and watches, jewelry, clothing and other personal items were stolen.  No one was home at the time.  Kevin Hart was the roastmaster at last year’s Comedy Central Roast for whom? 

4)  Mel Gibson is planning a sequel to “The Passion of The Christ”. It’ll be about the resurrection. What year did the Passion Of The Christ release? 2004, 2007 or 2010?​  

5)  Actress Lucy Hale turned  27 yesterday. She’s best known for her role as Aria Montgomery​ on Pretty Little Liars, a show that used to be on the network known as ABC family.  What is the network NOW known as? (Freeform)

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