Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - June 14, 2019

June 14, 2019

1) Director Quentin Tarantino said Wednesday that the “Star Trek” movie he has pitched to Paramount will have an R rating ― “if I do it.” He told Empire the project has a script, although he has yet to weigh in on it. Fill in the blank: "Live long and _______." 


2) Chris Hemsworth might be in contention for the oddest first job ever. During a game "True Confessions" with Jimmy Fallon he revealed at age 14 he was hired to clean breast pumps with a tooth brush. How man Thor standalone movies has Hemsworth starred in?


3) Good news Spice Girls fans, all 5 members of the group are on board for a new animated movie from Paramount. The animated feature will include Spice Girls classics as well as new songs. Name all 5 Spice Girls. 

4) The Office's Jenna Fisher and John Krasinski, otherwise known as Jim and Pam, had an epic twitter fued during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And while Fisher's St. Louis Blues eventually won, it was Krasinski who won the twitter war when he posted a video from the game trolling her that included a cameo from David Denman who played Pam's ex on the show. What was the name of Pam's ex? 


5) Cracked has a list of amazing facts and figures from your favorite TV shows and Movies that will blow your mind! Among them, they counted how many boyfriends and girlfriends the main characters of Sienfeld had during the course of the show. Within 10 and not going over, what is that total number? 


Play along and listen below: