Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - June 13th, 2018

June 13, 2018

1) An A's fan caught a foul ball in the 7th inning of their game against the Royals on Sunday.  Then he caught another one on the VERY NEXT PITCH.  In what city do the A's play? 

2) Vulture.com posted a list of some of the best father-daughter movies for Father's Day.  It includes​ Little Miss Sunshine, Interstellar and this 1991 classic remake starring Steve Martin, a Kimberly Williams Paisley and arguably the best part, Martin Short.  What movie is this? 

3) James Franco younger brother is having a birthday this week.  He's co-starred in Neighbors, Now You See Me and 21 Jump Street.  What is his name? 

4) On Saturday, the New England Patriots'  ROB GRONKOWSKI bet $69 that the horse named after him would come in second at the Belmont Stakes, which it did.  He won about $950.​  What position does Gronkowski play?

5) Daniel Craig is looking to get rid of his beer belly before filming starts on the next James Bond movie. Including this upcoming film many Bond movies has Craig starred in?

Play along below: